Our Progress

6/24/22 Donation Drop Boxes Successful

Thanks to all who donated at our drop box sites. Your generosity will help those in need of medical and other supplies in Mykolaiv

6/21/22 Water Filter Sock Fundraiser

Thanks to all who purchased fun socks we are able to send 100 additional water filters to Mykolaiv that will supply potable water to the residents of the city.

6/15/2022 Supplies Have Arrived in Ukraine

Water filters, tourniquets, and first aid supplies that have been received in Mykolaiv thanks to generous donations

6/1/22 Donation Box Placed at Center Moriches Library

Thanks to the Center Moriches Public Library for partnering with us to collect first aid and other supplies

6/3/22 Tourniquets Have Arrived in Ukraine

Thanks to our partners at North American Rescue for donating these much needed first-aid supplies

*Identity of soldier hidden for security purposes

6/6/22 Donation Box Placed at Westhampton Library

Thanks to the West Hampton Free Library for agreeing to be a partner and donation site